Dance, Promises and Prostitution

Please watch this to the very end.


11 thoughts on “Dance, Promises and Prostitution

  1. Amazing! It was interesting to see the look on the “johns'” faces after reading the message. Do you think they might have, even for a fleeting second, thought about their own role in the fates of these women?

    • Thank you for your comment lovely and for posting this video on your blog too! Maybe all of us with dance blogs should do it. It needs to get around. Their faces in the end and how quickly they felt silent maybe, maybe, indicates that they thought about it for a second. Maybe I’m just being hopeful.

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  3. I once worked a case of international human trafficking… it’s unbelievable what continues to happen in this world – the sheer numbers. Many people are completely unaware of how much trafficking goes on around the world, especially of grown women.

    Thanks for sharing. Awareness is everything sometimes.

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