Ballet is everywhere… and some clips!

Yesterday I went to an academic conference on Extremism and the Media. It was great. I left feeling motivated, inspired and hopeful.

On one of the tea breaks, I started chatting with these two girls, and turns out one had done ballet for 15 years, and the other’s mom had been a professional ballet dancer in South Africa for over 20 years.

Turns out ballet really is everywhere!


I leave you with a couple of wonderful ballet clips from the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert.

This first one is from the 2011 concert. It is Strauss’s An der schonnen blauen Donau, featuring some wonderful dancing. The first time I saw this, I got teary eyed. I could watch this forever. It reminds me of home.



By the way, that gorgeous building is the Musikverein. In fact, this is part 4 of 6. so please go watch all of it! I also love part 1 & 2!!


This next one is also lovely. From 2010’s concert. It is Strauss’s Morgenblatter. And the costumes are by Valentino.



Have a lovely weekend everyone!