We are all weird… or is it just me?

I often wonder what ballet dancers think of us, crazy ballet fans. Steve at You Dance Funny has written this incredibly funny and spot-on post about the many disorders we ballet fans have. But I do wonder what dancers actually think of people like us. Do they think we are all weird?

But then I thought, ballet dancers already get to live ballet and it is no wonder that they blog/tweet about different things. But I have to live ballet differently, so it is also  no wonder I talk/blog/tweet about it a lot.

I was leafing through my diary searching for an old picture of my sisters the other day, when the following fell out:

I was born this way....

And yes, I am born this way. I love ballet to an extent that may be considered a little weird, but this weirdness is part of who I am. After all, I am weird in many different ways:

1- I know The West Wing by heart. It is quite embarrassing. My party piece is guessing the episode and season of any West Wing quote. Minutes of fun for everyone involved.

Favourite Season: 5 & 6. Least favourite character: Josh

2- I am a massive self-centred nerd. Want proof? I keep old exam notes. These below? They are revision notes from over a year ago. I kept them because they are just SO GOOD and detailed, I cannot bear to throw them away. I often find myself looking through them again for no reason.

Such gorgeous notes! 😛

3- I have bizarre ballet dreams sometimes. Once I dreamed I was dancing the Dying Swan with Federico Bonelli. I know the Dying Swan is not a pdd. But in my dream it was. And at one point I did this glooooorious, luxurious backbend that was to die for. It was Bolshoi-like.  It was gorgeous. You should have seen it.

It was even better than this one!

4- I cannot stand packs of mixed pens. I either buy a separate pack each of blue, red, and black pens or I don’t buy them at all. The Hubby once bought a pack that had 5 blue pens, 3 black pens and 2 red ones. It bothered me so much that I hid it so well, he has never been able to find them. By the way, these rules apply only to pens, not highlighters or crayons.

I love pens!!!! As long as they are grouped according to colour.

5- We have an ever expanding family:

They are our pride and joy...

So you see, it is not just my overwhelming love for ballet that is weird. But I am ok with my weirdness. Are you?Am  the only proud weirdo out there? What are your five weird points?

Please share and don’t leave me hanging alone in my weirdness 🙂


14 thoughts on “We are all weird… or is it just me?

  1. I enjoyed uour post thoroughly!

    1. If I`m watching news and the news reporter starts with “here are the news from blah- network, good evening…
    I just HAVE TO respond ” good evening ” ( or good morning, good afternoon, good whatever ) and it irks me no end that these senceless creatures don´t take a brather and lemme the time to properly say ” good whatever ” back to them! And I say it out loud regardless the company. I just have to. My son gets mental every time. ” They can´t hear you! Stop it already! ”

    2. I suck at maths but when I go buy groceries I keep adding numbers in my head and can come up with the total of my purchases before I get in the line. It just happens.

    3. At school I thought everybody who didn´t know the finery of Anna Pavlova in great detail was a blithering moron. I made sure to educate those poor fools.

    4. Same issue with Bolshoi ballet in general. I was a buzy bee in educating.

    5. I can´t stand mirrors in the room where I sleep. If there are, I cover them. I always feel like somebody´s watching me from there when I sleep and that´s not a ok with me.

    • Hello 🙂 Thank you! Good to see you here again! And I know exactly what you mean regarding the mirrors! I also think it is so weird to have them in the bedroom. It freaks me out a little bit! I once lived in this flat that had this built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. It was huge. I could not sleep next to it! I had to have my back turned.

  2. Only five?
    1. I love brown pens. I will buy a multi-color pack just to get the brown one and I’ll give the rest away. And blank books. I have a drawer full.
    2. I have my notes from every art history class I ever took or TA’d for. I’m a great notetaker and I taught from these notes during my first few years.
    3. I am a master of Simpsons trivia and quote Family Guy during lectures.
    4. I want to study the social history of ballet, especially when Degas was painting his ballerinas.
    5. I have the cutest dog on the planet. If you don’t believe me look here: http://aroomsomewhere.tumblr.com/post/4376573486/vote-corgi-on-http-jezebel-com

    • Hi Acacia! Brown pens? I don’t think I have ever seen brown pens!!!! I am now going to start searching for them! I think you have just contributed to my weirdness. I am so glad you understand my love for my exam notes. I know it is weird, but they are fantastic notes. And I love your idea to study the social history of Ballet. This is something I would absolutely love to read. And your dog is adorable 🙂 I have added your tumblr to my links btw!

  3. Great post, Nina! I loved how you hid the pack of assorted pens! That is so me, I’m always hiding things from myself 🙂

    1. I cover my food as soon as I’ve finished eating, I can’t stand to look at a plate of half eaten food.

    2. I too still have all my notes from school. They are beautiful and I will go back and read them. I’m convinced that they are useful to my life.

    3. I only use Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, they must be black, they must be soft, & they must be sharpened.

    4. I only use Bic Z4 ink pens, the black ones must be separated from the blue ones. I mostly only use the black ones, but the blue are kept to use as an alternative instead of highlighting. (The Manu pen is a Bic Z4 in Black)

    5. I must throw out old used pens only in the office trash but all pencils when they become to small to be usable are put in a jar.

    I never worry about weird or absurd, I think it’s fantastic that we are each individuals with our own special quirks that make us fun or at least entertaining to onlookers! 😀

    • Thank you 🙂 I am so happy I am not the only one that has an emotional attachment to notes! Do you have a picture of your jar of too-small-to-be-useful pencils? That actually sounds amazing and such a fantastic idea!
      I don’t worry about being em anymore, but I used to when I was much younger!

  4. Hi Nina!
    I’m an absolute weird person, and since I got over it many years ago, I like to tell everyone that I’m a nerd. Ok, these are five points of my neverending list:

    1- I make videoblogs. It’s fun. And people seem to like them. I still don’t know why. I just do crazy stuff on them.

    2- I like nerdy movies and books, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. This means not only that I have watched them all (that’d be very normal, I guess), but also that I have loads of cosplay related to them. And I have a huge collection of merchandising in my room. And by “huge” I mean HUGE. This is just my table: http://dailybooth.com/eowinkenobi/15990554
    Oh, and I am the president of a Star Wars related fan club. An important one, actually. We organised a meeting for fans and I met many actors of the movies.

    3- I like languages. A lot. I’ve studied seven languages, including Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Russian and Catalan. And sometimes I dream in those languages. SO GOOD. =D

    4- I also LOVE ballet and have crazy ballet dreams. I feel like the best ballerina in the world. When I dreamed I was Odette I woke up and saw that my feet were actually en pointe on the mattress. And they hurt. It seems I had been dancing during the whole night, haha.
    Also, regarding ballet, I spend hours and hours a day reading ballet related blogs instead of doing homework or things like that. Ballet is always a good reason to procrastinate. =)

    5- I’m a huge geek as well. I love videogames and technologies. When I was eight I made my first webpage. It was about Harry Potter, of course.

    I also keep old exam notes. They are lovely and good and nice. Sometimes I like reading them.
    And I LOVE your little family. =P

    • Nerea!!! WHO did you meet from Star Wars???? And your table is absolute geek heaven! I saw your Harry Potter Cloaks on your Vlog and I WANT ONE! Rob and I once had a discussion about which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat would place us in. I would go the Ravenclaw and he would go to Hufflepuff. We should go to Comic Con! I think we would both die there!!!

      I have no idea what language I dream in. People have asked me this before, but I just don’t remember! I think it is in English.

      I almost spent £150 on a Lightsaber. I still wish I had 😦

  5. I met David Prowse (Darth Vader in the first trilogy), Jeremy Bullock (Bobba Fett), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Kenny Baker (r2-d2), Jerome Blake (Rune Haako & Mas Amedda), Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti), Gerald Home (Admiral Ackbar & others), Julian Glover (General Veers) and Alan Ruscoe (Plo Koon & others). I think that’s all. ^^

    I think that I would also be in Ravenclaw, but I prefer Gryffindor, so… I might ask the Sorting Hat to put me in there, hahaha. My sister is a Raven, for sure. I should go to the ComicCon too. And to the LeakyCon, in the US. That one is always awesome!

    I have a green lightsaber. It was expensive, but SO WORTH IT! =D

    • Nerea!! I can’t believe you met all these people!! So lucky!! I can’t believe you have that hat!! I want that so badly, but can’t justify it at the moment! ;p

  6. “Weird” is just an unkind word for “passionate.” 🙂

    1. I have a complete collection of Care Bears magnets by American Greetings (started in 2nd grade when my teacher gave me one).

    2. I love superhero cartoons! (X-Men, Superman, Justice League)

    3. I love Pokemon and Final Fantasy games.

    4. I love Sci-Fi fantasy movies and tv shows, including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Battlestar Galactica. Here in Seattle there was a Harry Potter exhibition with TONS of movie props (the kid’s clothes were sooo tiny!), and a Battlestar Galactica one that had a panel with some of the cast members!

    5. The Armani Exchange Pima V-Neck shirt–I have like 10 in different colors.

    • Steve, I LIVED for Final Fantasy 8. I cried so many times during that game and to this say I cannot see the opening sequence without losing it a little. best.game.ever! Which one is your favourite? And I am also a huge BSG geek. If I ever go to Comic Con, I will go dressed as Laura Roslin.

      I also had a giant Pikachu on my bed for a few years.

  7. 5 weird things about me:

    1. I have a wife who hides my pens. (Where is that packet Nina?)
    2. I spend ten minutes off-off-offing the house every evening
    3. That is all. I’m normal apart from that.

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