Must get back to class or DIY ballet

I haven’t taken a ballet class in a while. I also have not done any of my ballet dvd (ballet diy) in ages. I haven’t been well lately, and get home after work so exhausted that all I have the energy for is lying down on the sofa.

(I knew something was wrong with me when I could not face putting on high-heels in the morning. I just did not have the energy. And if you know me, you know how weird this is since I once turned up to uni coughing my brains out, on antibiotics, but wearing heels and mascara.)

But I feel myself getting better, and I think some light exercise may actually help me. So this week I vow to do at least one hour of ballet.

As I am a girl on a budget, and even the local community centre ballet class is out of my range at the moment, I will have to resort to what I like to call ballet DIY. I know it sounds dangerous, but it really isn’t. It does not count as a proper class, but it does help make me feel like I am doing ballet again.

One of my favourite resources is Element: Ballet Conditioning with Elise Gulam. It is more of a ballet fitness than actually class, but still. It is a great workout and still leaves you feeling like you are actually doing ballet.



Another lovely resource is the Royal Opera House’s ABC of Ballet videos.  There are about 9 videos, and not only are they super entertaining and interesting, they also work as a mini-class, if you arrange, and repeat a few of them. They are lovely.

I know these are no substitute for an actually class, but I find that they help me quite a lot. And they are also fun.

I am in no advocating that you teach yourself ballet. That is not even possible, and potentially dangerous. But if you know a little exercise safety basics and you look after yourself, these resources can be actually fun.

I do love exercise DVDs, and have quite a lot of them. I love Darcey Bussel’s Pilates for life, and have quite a lot of the Ten-minute solution DVDs.

And of course, you have to love wii fit! I say you haven’t really lived until you pretended to be a flying chicken on wii fit:



I might do a combination of all of the above this week… one hour guys! Looking forward to it already!


4 thoughts on “Must get back to class or DIY ballet

  1. Hi Emma, thanks for your comment! Means a lot. I do love those videos, and watch them often! I usually watch them from the ROH Blog, so thank you for this link! It is a most wonderful resource! Thank you so much to all of you at ROH for all the videos you release. They are amazing!

  2. ZOMFG! I also have Wii Fit! I have to admit that I hadn’t played it since last summer… but I tried it again some days ago, after a loooong year full of ballet classes and I found myself much better at balance… and some people say ballet isn’t useful! =D

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